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Marble Surface
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Davori Ink
Pigments in bottles for tattoos and permanent makeup in woman hands closeup. Tattoo


March 24th 2016 a dear friend and I ventured to Philadelphia, PA to explore the world of permanent makeup, specifically eyebrows.  We took a chance to try out a trendy salon for the service. Both of us were so amazed how natural and beautiful they looked, we were hooked!  I then, a few years later had a friend entering the industry.  I had learned so much from her and never wanted to stop trying out new areas of the face and body to tattoo.  I decided that this was going to be my new path. During my training I fell more in love with every aspect of the cosmetic tattooing world.  The confidence and smile that it brings to my clients is so rewarding, every single time! 

Marble Surface


Permanent Lip tattoo
Breast cancer surgery scars by partial mastectomy
Scar Camouflage
Eyebrow Tattoo powder brow
  • You'll never look back...

    1 hr

  • Freshen up that ink!

    2 hr

    200 US dollars
  • Hair Stroke | Powder | Combination

    3 hr

    Priced upon consult
  • Big eyes, big dreams!

    2 hr

    Priced upon consult
  • Blush | Full | Liner | Neutralization

    2 hr

    Priced upon consult
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